New Jersey WAVE

c/o Voorhees Pediatric Facility

Attention: Tricia Cunningham

1304 Laurel Oak Road

Voorhees, NJ 08034-4392

New Jersey WAVE Program


Volunteer Job Description (Non-Medical Staff)


Introduction:  NJWAVE (Wonderful Adolescent Ventilator Excursion) is a summer camp program for adolescent and pre-teens who are dependent on mechanical ventilation, who have a tracheostomy, or children with specialized needs.  Sponsored by the New Jersey Chapter of the American Lung Association, the 4-day program takes place at the community center of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, in Egg Harbor Township.Participants dorm in the community center facilities, and enjoy a variety of group activities on and off site (see the attached Calendar of Activities).  Activities have included fishing, bonfires, whale watching cruises, time on the beach and boardwalk, bowling, crafts and just "hanging out".  Please visit our website for more details, at Participants require a great deal of help with all activities, from both medical and non-medical staff volunteers, and we can always use more help.  Come join us in making the program fun!


Volunteer Duties:  Anyone who wants to help can find a job that matches his/her strengths, abilities and talents.  We are looking for motivated, responsible individuals who are at least 13 years of age.  Volunteers do not have to help for the entire week, but we strongly encourage that at least one entire day be devoted, as it takes time to "get into the groove" and get to know the program participants.  Volunteers can play a major role in designing and carrying out recreational activities, and we encourage volunteers to get involved.  Volunteer duties are divided into four basic categories outlined below:


Activity Planning:  In the months before the program, volunteers can work together to help plan recreational activities.  Let's get your ideas!  Some of the activities that have been suggested for this year's program include karaoke, enjoying wheelchair, baseball, and hockey, poker, board games, ghost stories at the bonfire, beauty makeovers, and professional massages.  Get in touch with director, Tricia Cunningham via the contact numbers listed below.  Planning activities includes developing a list of materials and supplies needed, and helping to determine time and location for activities.


Recreation Aides:  Volunteers can interact with participants in a number of ways.  Volunteers are needed to help set up recreational activities, and provide hands on assistance for participants to take part.  For instance, volunteers need to set up the board games and then facilitate playing by helping to move tokens, throw dice, etc.  Help is also needed in assisting in packing and preparing each participant for the day's activities and escorting participants to  meals and then help in food selection.  If you're good at storytelling, card tricks, fishing, performing, sketching or other entertainment talents, share your gift!


Personal Assistants:  Volunteers who are at least 21 years old can also assist medical staff in custodial activities such as grooming, applying sun screen and bug repellent and also helping with feeding.


Program Maintenance:  There is always a ton of work to be done to keep things running smoothly!  We need help in restocking bathroom and pantry supplies, cleaning up, gathering trash, gathering and doing laundry (washers/dryers are in the dormitories), distributing clean linens, making beds and helping to keep things organized (how many times did we lose the sunscreen last year?) We also need help loading and unloading kids onto the activity bus, and running errands (how many times did we send someone out for more sunscreen?) Last but not least, we need lots of help in packing and loading at the beginning and end of the program.


How to Volunteer:  Contact our program to learn more about how you can help.  Our Volunteer Coordinator, Kathy Hall-Olsen, will coordinate volunteer assignments and help each volunteer know what to expect for each day. We expect that volunteers will act as a team to run the daily recreational activities, while coordinating with medical staff.  A brief orientation will be arranged for those volunteering as Recreational Aides or Personnel Assistants.  Also, we will work to prepare volunteers for the special needs of our program participants. 



Contact us: Tricia Cunningham, at 856-346-3300 ext. 161, or email :